1959 Ford Wagon

David's 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon is one cool ride!  He has owned this car since Moby Dick was a minnow lol!  Back in the 90's he did it some harm while trying to achieve the status of great builders like Troy Trepanier.  This is where he heard about and started following Levi Green of Hammerfab many years ago. 

David was one of Hammerfabs' earliest clients going back to when Levi was the only employee.  He's the type of guy that wants it done right even if it takes longer than expected.  "Throw it all away and start over" were his exact words when he delivered the car from Ohio. 

It's a BigGass car and it's getting a BigGass makeover.  For those of you who are unaware David has a side hustle selling hot rod apparel for plus size men and women.  If you are one of the BigGass people in this world go to David's website www.biggassapparel.com and pick you up some BigGass apparel, heck you might even find a few Hammerfab exclusives on there!

Ok now back to the car.  We are swaping out the 18's and 20's for some 20's and 22's which requires some major modifications to the floor, seats, and wheel tubs but it's all worth it for a killer grocery getter.  We are keeping the supercharged 4.6L SOHC Mod motor but will be giving it a face lift.  We updated the reverse flip hood with some Ring Brothers billet hinges and a custom core support to tie it all together.  We made a custom 14ga firewall and replaced the damaged top cowl section.  New quarter panels are being put on as we speak and then it's onto replacing the front floor pans that have seen better days.  We need more ground clearance anyways.  Once the structure is back in place we will fit all the body panels that have already been chemical stripped and E-coated and get it ready for some body shop love. 

David still wants that Grandma's station wagon look with the puke brown exterior and similar interior with brocade seat inserts which we dig and will be very cool, just a different kind of cool.  For the most part it will have a timeless look except laying on the ground with giant billet wheels and moving down the road at a pretty good pace. 

Stay tuned!