1959 Apache Truck


"I want a nice truck that hauls butt that I can drive to work a few days every week". Says 1959 Apache owner Todd.  Or is it an Apache?  This truck was started at another shop as is not uncommon.  Nor is it uncommon for the work done prior to coming to Hammerfab be sub-par.  At least to our standard.  Todd was looking for someone to take his truck to the next level and incorporate all the little details that he had been imagining that would make his build perfect. 

The truck has a pretty cool chassis (forgot who made it) with all C6 Corvette drive train including the front and rear aluminum cradles that hold the engine, trans axle, and suspension.  This was pretty cool except for the fact that you get stuck with some pretty dumb looking off the shelf wheels if you plan on sticking with the stock fenders.  Todd knew it didn't look quite right so we suggested widening the rear fenders by 3" to accommodate the Viper 355/35/19's and heck while we are at it lets do some subtle flares in the front too so we can get the perfect deep concave wheels that set this truck apart from any other.  The wheels are actually called Super Deep and Ultra Deep Concaves by Forgestar.  They are a one-piece, flow forged wheel that we think looks perfect on this truck now that it's body has been pumped out a bit. 

The power plant is an LSA from a CTS-V/ZL1 Camaro (crate motor) that mates to a corvette trans axle via a custom length torque tube.  The Corvette leafs have been replaced with adjustable coil over shocks.  The idea is to retain as much of the OEM components such as the suspension, engine front runner, electric fans, radiator, Z06 Brakes with Baer rotors etc.

There were a few custom body mods that Todd had to have.  A rendering was done to get the build going in a safe direction.  This rendering included a grille that was a blend of a GMC and Chevy truck morphed together for a "could have been" effect that we think GM should have made it this way to begin with.  Same with the front and rear bumpers.  They both have hints of '53 Cadillac bumpers but have been seriously sculpted to fit this truck and are now fewer pieces than the originals for a smoother look. 

Beds are one of the most important aspects of a custom truck in our minds so they better be dialed in!  That's just what we have done with Todd's truck.  The tailgate has been gapped and the chains and buckles have been eliminated so that he never has to worry about chipping his paint when opening or closing the Mar-K tailgate. 

There is a plethora of custom details throughout this truck.  You will have to wait till it's finished to catch them all.