Wheel Stands

$5,495.00 $5,995.00

We designed these wheel stands with versatility in mind.  If you are going to spend this kind of money on a shop tool it better do a lot!  Well these do a lot!!  We design products that we would use around our shop usually because all the other options are either inadequate or they just don't exist.  You can buy these as a "U-Weld-It" kit or we can fully TIG weld them and powder coat them.  *Casters only come with the We-Weld-It & Powder coat it kit.  You may also buy the casters separately if you choose from the drop down menu.  U-weld-it kits will ship directly from the manufacturer in Wisconsin and all kits are made to order so please be patient when ordering.  We will update you with tracking info and status updates.  

*If you'd like the casters they are heavy duty, corrosion resistant, non-locking, polyurethane with roller bearings.  They are not cheap!  They must withstand the weight of a vehicle and the ones we sell do!  The casters we sell are engineered to be able to effortlessly push a vehicle across a smooth shop floor without marring the floor.  

*Uprights may be MIG or TIG depending on the situation.  Either way they will be stout.  

Our wheel stands do several things:

1- they can be used as wheel stands, for putting your car on with wheels and tires installed.

2- they can be used without wheels and tires (with accessory hub adapter uprights) and bolt directly to your hubs and axles (bolt patters: 5x4.5, 5x4.75, 5x5)

3- with accessory caster plates they can be rolled around a smoother floor with a car bolted to the accessory hub adapters (rolling with tires resting can be done but also dangerous and should only be done in short distances slowly as car could potentially slide off if precautions aren't taken).  

4- the wheel stands have 2x2" square holes cut in them which can serve as temporary crossmember slide mounts.  This is great for mocking up rear ends or engines in jig type form while the car is elevated on the wheel stands.  This is a safe way to fabricate if you don't have a lift in your shop.  These holes can also be used for mounting temporary scaffolding for sanding or mechanic work (you make it), or other fixtures.  

5- use a low profile floor jack to slide under the center section for installing caster plates or if you just want to raise them up a bit more.

6- the stands are easily stowed.  when laid sideways they can be stacked on top of each other.  You could also make a custom rack our of 2x2" tubing to hang them on the wall.  

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