A-Body Mopar- FRONT BASE KIT-Street Connection Suspension


Introducing the "Street Connection" Suspensions - Chassis Upgrades for A-Body Mopars by Hammer Fab

Are you looking to upgrade your Mopar’s suspension for an enjoyable driving experience and superior handling, all while nailing that perfect stance? Look no further! The "Street Connection" by Hammer Fab is designed to make A-Bodies cool again!

Unmatched Performance and Stance

We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure your Mopar not only rides smoothly and handles exceptionally well, but also maintains the ideal stance and wheel/tire options. Our comprehensive kit is engineered to provide the ultimate balance between performance and aesthetics.

Key Features:

  • Versatile K-Member: This K-member can be installed as either a bolt-in or weld-in unit, replacing the outdated gearbox with a modern Detroit Speed rack and pinion system.
  • Adjustable Coilovers: Say goodbye to old torsion bars. Our kit features Ride Tech adjustable coilovers for a customized ride height and improved handling.
  • Willwood Pro dropped spindles make adding big brakes easy.  Our billet dropped steering arms eliminate the need for a “bump steer kit”.  Just thread on the normal tie rod ends and go!
  • Superior Handling: (Sway bars not included with BASE KIT) We've integrated a beefy splined sway bar in both the front and rear for unmatched stability and cornering prowess.
  • Enhanced Control Arms: Utilizing the reliable Mustang-style upper and lower control arms, we've refined the camber/caster adjustment process. It's now easier than ever to add or remove alignment shims.
  • Complete Solution: We’ve designed our suspension system to work perfectly as a cohesive unit. For the best results, we strongly recommend using only the components included in our kit. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.
  • Steel inner fender stiffener plates weld in to replace the old shock towers.  These not only add strength back to the uni-body but also create significantly more header clearance.  (We do not guarantee any particular headers to bolt in.  It is up to the installer to fit the entire exhaust system)

Thoroughly Tested

Our K-member has been rigorously tested on our test car “SLOBAK,” successfully fitting a 440 big block Mopar under a stock hood with no cutting to the stock floor pan. This setup requires a modified Dodge truck rear sump oil pan to achieve a 4” ground clearance. Future tests will include fitting a small block Mopar engine, LS engine, and even a Gen 5 Hellcat engine. We currently only guarantee the fitment of a big block Mopar, but you are welcome to build and weld your own custom mounts to this bare metal K-member.

Enhanced Stiffness

NOT INCLUDED IN THE FRONT BASE KIT: Mid-frame stiffeners, or “frame connectors,” that tie the front and rear of the car together for a sturdier ride are recommended if you plan on applying more than 350 hp to your car. They require welding to the stock floor pans but do not require any cutting. We opted for the “L” channel style instead of a tubular style for several reasons:

  1. Rigidity: Made from very rigid 10ga laser cut steel that is contoured to fit the stock floor with 3D scanning technology.
  2. Less Warpage: Welding one edge creates less warpage along the length of the car.
  3. Breathability and Protection: The “L” shape allows the metal to breathe, preventing trapped moisture, and also enables painting on all sides of the steel to avoid rust traps.

Comprehensive Rear Suspension

NOT INCLUDED IN THE FRONT BASE KIT:  Our rear system features:

  • Triangulated Four-Link Setup: Utilizes R-joints from Ride Tech for superior articulation and strength.
  • Beefy 9” Housing with optional third member: Torino style ends and 31-spline axles from Gear FX Driveline.
  • Adjustable Coilovers: Ride Tech adjustable coilovers provide a smooth and customizable ride.
  • Optional Rear Sway Bar: Can be added for superior handling.
  • 10ga Steel Crossmembers: Weld-in crossmembers that tie into the stock floor pan and side frame rails for enhanced rigidity.
  • Rear Frame Stiffening Plates: Made from 10ga steel, these plates require welding, grinding, and fitting by the user to ensure a solid connection.

Easy Installation

While some mechanical work and welding are required, we've made the installation process straightforward with detailed instructions and instructional video links. Once installed, adjusting and fine-tuning your suspension is a breeze.

Transform your A-Body Mopar with the "Street Connection" by Hammer Fab. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, handling, and killer stance, all in one complete package.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  Some of these components are made to order.  Thank you for your patience.  

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