Quick Lugs


These quick attachment lugs, a Hammer Fab exclusive are a great way to mount, hang, attach, or latch components on your hot rod, custom car, or bike.

The final result is a clean look both when the component is attached and when it is removed.

No special tools are required to remove the panels using this system. A firm pull and the panel will pop off.

The lugs can be bolted to a panel from the backside using a machine screw or welded on the stud. These lugs can be used to hang components vertical on a frame rail, or interior panel, or horizontal for an engine cover, etc.



3/4" diameter
TALL Shoulder- 5/8" height overall 1/4” shoulder

SHORT Shoulder- 1/2” height overall 1/16” shoulder

1/4-20 female threads x1/2" deep for tall shoulder lug

1/4-20 female threads for short shoulder lug

Grommets Install tip 
Drill a 17/32" hole for proper grip, 1/2” for a tight fit  



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