LT4 Header Flanges



Once we receive 5+ preorders we will then manufacture these all at once  

Modern engines may not always be the most visually appealing, but their impressive power certainly compensates for it. Now, you can enhance both performance and aesthetics with our exquisite billet stainless steel (304) header flanges, designed for those who refuse to settle for mediocrity.

These flanges feature a 1-7/8” bore for round tubing on the outside and a similar D-shaped bore on the inside, ensuring optimal flow for serious boost. The back side is meticulously machined with integrated raised “boost seals” around each port, designed to embed into the included laser-cut copper gaskets, which are perfectly port-matched to the flanges. It's up to you whether to port match your heads to these flanges.

Crafted for durability, these flanges are 3/8” thick on the flat parts and .810” thick at the tallest point of each port hole. Each bolt hole is reinforced with a raised boss to add thickness and distribute the load evenly when torquing down the flanges. The provided stainless steel flanged bolts come with serrated knurls on the backside to prevent unwanted loosening. Anti-seize is highly recommended when installing to prevent galling of threads.

Proudly made in Texas, these flanges are guaranteed to have less than .002” deflection when placed on a granite surface. Each set is shrink-wrapped to a cardboard backer to ensure safe delivery without any damage.

*Note: For those who prefer a polished finish, some sanding may be required to remove tool marks around each port, although the surface is already very smooth.

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