Flat Recess Dimple Die 3/8"


These are the best quality made in the USA dimple dies available. Flat Recess Dimple Dies are great for making a fastener sit just a little bit below the surface of your panel or flip it over and it can be just a little higher than your panel.  These add substantial strength to the panel as well as a clean, detailed look.  These particular dies are rated for 16ga mild steel.  These 3/8" dies may be installed with an impact driver or hydraulic press.  Dies are CNC machined from 4140 heat-treated steel.  Made in Texas!


Die outer diameter: 1.47"

Dimple inner diameter: 1.09"

Dimple outer diameter: 1.24"

Dimple depth: .153"

Uses: Firewalls, dash knobs, lights, switches, bolts, rubber feet, panel standoff


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