Apache Dimple Die for 55-59 Chevrolet Apache Truck Dash (New sizes)


It's challenging to add accessory knobs and switches to your metal dash and retain an OEM look. We've solved that for you.

The Apache Die is the easiest way to add Accessory knobs, HVAC knobs, Radio knobs to your dash while retaining a factory look. These dies are simple to install. Start by drilling a 3/8" hole, insert the supplied bolt through the hole, tighten the Apache Die. Done. Your switch will be perfectly centered with no measuring.

We designed the die to replicate 55-59 Chevrolet dash dimples. However, they’ll replicate anything you want to do with a 1” ID and 1.875” OD”. Applications are endless. Made in Texas USA from 4140 Heat Treated Steel.


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