Dimple Die Foam Drawer Insert


Keep all your Hammer Fab dimple dies neatly organized with this 1” thick dual color foam insert.  CNC machined in house with laser engraved set names and sizes for easy to read selection and stow. 
Select drawer size from drop down menu that best suits your needs. 

Made specifically to stow our dimple dies; (dies are not included with this product at this time) A “Master Set” will be available soon! 

Flat Recess, Apache, Crater Maker, Raised Recess, Flush Recess, and Riv Nut Recess  

Also room for alignment studs for use in press  

Minimum drawer height required for this insert with Hammer Fab dies is 1.5”.  Dimensions are 16.25” wide, 15” long, 1” thick.  

Other add on foam inserts for backer pads, clevos, etc will be available soon. 

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