Delorean Wide Body Download Print

$14.99 $24.99

Before we do a full build we typically have a few renderings done by professional artists to help us and our clients visualize what it could look like in the end before we get started.  This helps keep everyone excited and on a solid path throughout the lengthy build process.  

This Delorean concept is one that came straight from the mind of Hammer Fab creator, Levi Green.  Levi fed the super talented @Chicon3D with a brainstorm of ideas and this is the output result.  Download it now and use the high resolution version for computer wall paper, hang it on your wall, or just drool over it! 

We hope you enjoy this downloadable piece of Hammer Fab design as much as we do.  If you'd like to have us build this or something similar to add to your own collection please email us at info@hammerfab.com.

(Note: The version you download will not have the overlay pattern but instead will be high resolution and have subtle Hammer Fab badging and a copyright stamp).  You will receive an email with the download link immediately after you purchase.

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