Crater Maker Washers


Crater Maker Washers are designed to complement our Crater Maker Dimple dies. The washers give a "bolt-on" detail. The washers will match our Dimple Dies exactly. The washers are stamped out of laser-cut 18ga Stainless Steel.

We individually polish and package each stainless crater. You’ll receive a perfectly polished piece saving you hours of polishing work.

The edge of the washer sits off the panel at the center the washer makes contact. If your paint or polished surface is marred it will be hidden.

These are designed to work with the most common fasteners such as button heads, ARP, and Socket cap style screws.

All washers come as a set of 10.

The washers are available in raw, polished, and Cerakote black finishes. (Cerakote parts are done in lots so different lots may vary in color and sheen) 

All designed, manufactured, and packaged in the USA!

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