Crater Maker Dimple Die - 1/4"


This is the best quality made in the USA dimple die available. Need to add a little bit of detail to your work? Drill or punch a 1/4” hole where you would like this detail then use either an impact hammer (air or cordless) or a hydraulic press to drive these dies together and form a unique "Crater" in your panel. These dimple dies are made from 4140 alloy steel and then hardened and tumbled for a smooth finish. Dimensions are 1.5" diameter by approximately 1" combined height. These dies have been tested on 22, 20, and 18ga mild steel.  18 gauge mild steel is the maximum capacity. Each kit comes with a grade 8 hardened nut and bolt for die alignment.

(NOTE) The final hole size will naturally end up slightly larger than the 1/4” that it started out as. This is normal and you should plan on using a flanged bolt or a washer with your fastener. Anti-seize should be used on threads and forming surfaces to prevent galling and it also aids in the removal of dies from the panel. Some distortion will occur to your panel, therefore either some pre-stretching of the area may be required, and/or correction to the surrounding area may be needed depending on the metal type, thickness, and application.


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