Cleco Kit with Foam Drawer Liner


Kit comes with the following items:

(Large) 20-3/32” Clecos, 20-1/8” Clecos, 20-5/32” Clecos, 20-3/16” Clecos, 1-Cleco pliers, 6-Squeeze clamps, 1-large foam drawer liner.  

(Small) 8-3/32” Clecos, 8-1/8” Clecos, 8-5/32” Clecos, 8-3/16” Clecos, 1- Cleco pliers, 4-Squeeze clamps, 1-small foam drawer liner.

Keep all your Clecos and related accessories neatly organized with this 1” thick dual color foam insert.  CNC machined in house with laser engraving. 

Large tray holds up to 160 Clecos, 9 squeeze clamps, 2 Cleco pliers.  The 4 small compartments are intended to keep your specific drill bits separated.  Put your Hammer Fab Cleco tabs in the remaining compartment.

Small tray holds 36 Clecos, 4 squeeze clamps, and 1 Cleco pliers.  Put your Hammer Fab Cleco tabs in the remaining compartment. 

Minimum drawer height required for this insert with Clecos is 2.5”.  Dimensions for large tray are 16.25” wide, 15” long, 1” thick.  Dimensions for small tray are 15” long, 6” wide, 1” thick.

Other add on foam inserts for backer pads, etc are also available.

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