Chevy Truck 47-53 tailgate stops


These tailgate stops allow you to eliminate your clangy, scratchy, noisy, rusty chains!  Install these into your stock tailgate with minimal modification.  They are a semi-bolt on product (you will need to cut slots in the bottom of your tailgate and back of rear bed sill in order to fit and work.  Also you will need to countersink the hole (or drill first if you don’t have one) so that the supplies fastener sits flush behind the stock tailgate hinge. 
Laser cut feom 1/2” thick steel these are plenty sturdy enough to support your tailgate but we do not recommend standing or sitting on the tailgate due to the increased leverage applied to the tailgate.  

Sold as raw steel with stainless hardware and stainless locking plate.  install these first and then install the tailgate as a whole unit.  Designed to hold the tailgate open at 90 degrees. Stops should contact on the bottom of the rear bed sill when open. If not, you may need to modify (tune) the stopping contact area. 

*fabrication required
light cutting on tailgate and rear bed sill

countersinking main mounting hole on tailgate

no welding required but you may weld them on if you want to. 


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