1958 Plymonth

If you grew up in the 1980's you have probably seen the Steven King movie "Christine".  If you recall it was about a 58 Plymouth with murderous tendencies.  Well this is that car except this one is a resto-mod version with all the details that take it to the next level.  Jonathan Leach from Oklahoma is the owner and he's been studying and collecting parts for these cars for years.  If anyone knows mopars you know that these cars and their parts are very hard to come by.  

Jonathan decided to take it a step further and cut one up!  He opted for the Art Morison chassis, modern Hemi engine, big wheels, and a few subtle details throughout.  The goal was always to keep the car looking timeless and true to the original Christine car but also make it more enjoyable to drive.  

Hammerfab was commissioned to do some custom metal work including making two good front '58 fenders (impossible to find) out of four bad '57 fenders.  This is no easy task but we were eager to take on the challenge.  The headlight trim bezels were completely made from scratch, we made a custom chin spoiler up front, custom license plate surround, repaired the bottom half of the deck lid and metal finished it, fit the hood with billet ring brothers hinges (from a bel air), we made custom inner fenders and radiator cover for the engine bay as well.  Jon wanted to rename the car DIABOLICAL and use the same font to create a new series of emblems for the trunk of the car which originally read PLYMOUTH.  We had them drawn up in Solidworks and then 3D printed out of solid brass so they could be chrome plated.  

After all the major metal work was done and panels were fit Jon took the car to get body worked and primered.  He then brought it back for us to finish some of the smaller details on the car.  We did all the measuring for the custom one- off billet whitewall wheels (made by Evod), yes the whitewall is actually metal and painted to look like a tire.  

We look forward to seeing Jon's car finished up and driving down the road, however you might want to keep your distance from DIABOLICAL!